Sarah Lee
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The gift of photography is perfect for everyone! Drop a family photo in a nice frame and πŸ’£BOOMπŸ’£there's a gift for the Grandparents that they will LOVE.

Also remember that when you choose to have portraits done of your Family, you are capturing memories that will be passed down through the generations.

πŸ¦„FREE Unicorn Magic Mini SeshπŸ¦„

~Sunday, August 8th-Greenfield, MA~ 

🌻Sunflower Field Mini Sesh🌻

~Sunday, August 22nd-Montague, MA~ 

🍁Fall Family Mini Sesh🍁

~Sunday, October 10th-Deerfield, MA~

Of course, as always, you may book any type of session you would like at a day/time that is convenient for you! For more info, go here.

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